Staging Your Entryway: Creating a Welcoming Foyer

Stew Broward
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Staging Your Entryway: Creating a Welcoming Foyer
Stew Broward
Head of PR
In real estate, there’s the so-called ‘8-second rule’ – the amount of time it takes a potential buyer to make an impression about a property. And when you’re selling a home, that means you need to deliver the wow factor the moment buyers step into your door. All that starts in your entryway – something that many homeowners tend to overlook when staging their properties.
In this post, we’ll provide you with some home foyer ideas as well as staging tips to ensure that your home will be attractive as soon as your door swings open. Keep reading – you’ll be surprised by how much you can do with such a limited space!

Expert tips in staging your entryway

Staging your foyer vs entryway is as important as enhancing the bigger spaces of your property. While it’s just a small area, it’s the very first part of your home’s interior that buyers will see, which will set the tone of the entire showing.
With this, we asked our home stagers about the staging tips they swear by for a foyer in a house. Here are some of the strategies they recommend:

1.  Clean and declutter

When staging properties, our first order of business is always to clean and declutter the area. For occupied homes, we may to perform depersonalized or removal of personal items, so your property will appeal to a wider range of buyers.
As much as possible, you need a clean slate when staging, whether it’s your entryway or other areas of the house. This way, you can free up space for additional décor and furniture without making the entryway feel cramped. 

2.  Hang a large wall mirror

Here’s our ultimate tip when staging entryways: always hang a large mirror. You should never skip this part for a long list of reasons.
Practically speaking, mirrors reflect light, which make your entryway look airy and spacious. It’s also an easy way to add a touch of class on your foyer, especially mirrors with a luxurious frame.
On the psychological level, the mirror allows the buyers to see themselves in your home. This will surely help your property leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.
Still, one huge mirror is enough. Too many, and your entryway may start to look like a scene from a spooky movie.

3.  Keep the foyer well-lit

Potential buyers will be coming from outdoors with the natural lighting. You need to create a comfortable transition between that natural light and the lighting on your entryway. Take note that a dark foyer is not only an eyesore but it can also spoil the mood for buyers.
If possible, you should consider upgrading old light fixtures to make the space look brighter.
As we’ve mentioned earlier, don’t forget to hang a mirror for additional reflective properties.

4.  Add an entryway console table

If you have more space to spare, you can also place a console table in your foyer or entryway. This will be both a functional and visual element when entering staged homes.
For starters, you should opt for console tables with a bottom space for a basket or shoe rack. You can also opt for shelving, coat rack, shoe storage, or coat closet if you want to maximize functionality.
If you need a console table that suits you entryway, don’t hesitate to call us at HolmeStage. As a full-service staging company, we also provide luxury furniture rentals and accessories to boot.

5.  Use an attractive rug

Another piece you shouldn’t forget when staging your foyer is a nice area rug. This will give your property a more welcoming and warm atmosphere, which will help make a good impression on potential buyers.
Aside from that, a rug can help soften up the space and eliminate the ‘empty’ feeling, especially for spacious entryways.
For this, feel free to experiment with different patterns and textures. As for the color, our stagers always recommend sticking to neutral colors.

6.  Consider adding ornamental plants

There are two things to consider here: the size of your entryway and the right choice of plants to bring indoors.
Overall, adding some greenery to your entryway is an easy way to breathe life into the space. Make sure you choose low-maintenance plants that don’t require a lot of sunlight and upkeep.
At the same time, avoid plants that are too big or will eat up too much space on your foyer. Most of the time, we prefer ferns and succulents for a refreshing touch without going overboard.

7.  Stick to neutral colors

We always suggest this to our clients during consultation. Neutral colors are considered the ‘safest’ option if you want your home to be attractive to as many buyers as possible. 
It’s because a very colorful or too “taste-specific” hue may distract buyers from seeing the best parts of your home. Worse, they may find it unappealing and cross out your property from the list of choices.
Still, this doesn’t mean that a splash of color is no-go on your foyer room. You can still add accent colors on a neutral to keep an eye-catching balance.

Mistakes to avoid when doing entry decor on your foyer

For the past 11+ years, we’ve staged countless entryways and foyers. At the same we’ve seen so many mistakes that homeowners tend to commit when doing a DIY decorating of their entry room. Here are some that we always advise against:

1.   Stylish, but not functional

You should know that this also applies the other way around. Stylish but not functional and functional but not stylish can sabotage your entryway staging. What you need is a balance of both.
For example, it’s not enough that you get a nice-looking console table. It should also serve a purpose by having storage, drawers, or some kind of shelving. At the same time, a very functional console table won’t suffice if it doesn’t match the style of your foyer.

2.  Blank wall spaces

This is not to say that your foyer wall should give the Louvre Museum a run for its money. If you have a foyer wall leading up to a staircase, it’s a good opportunity to hang some artwork or install wall furnishings.
For example, you can install wainscoting, picture molding, or wall sconces. If you don’t have the time and budget for these installations, well-chosen wall art would do the trick.

3.  Using too much white

We know that many entryways are painted in some shade of white to create a sense of space. Since you already have a blank white canvas, your décor should complement, not blend, with the background.
You can always experiment with other neutral colors that easily go with white, including beige, cream, gray, green, navy blue, and so on.
Take note that too much white may start to feel ‘cold and clinical’, which potential buyers find boring.

4.  Lack of seating

Whether your foyer and living room are not far from each other, it’s still important to have some kind of seating on your entryway. This is especially true if you’re blessed with a big entryway space where a loveseat or a cushioned chair can easily fit. You can also explore various foyer designs for a small foyer to fit in some kind of seating.
Overall, having something to seat on your entryway will be added comfort to potential buyers. Maybe they want to put their purse down or take some time to relax on your foyer – you wouldn’t want to miss this chance to make them feel ‘at-home’.

5.  Forgetting about your door

So you’ve spent a lot of time and effort on staging your entryway, but is your door ‘dressed’ for the part?
Take note that even before potential buyers step into your home, they will be standing outside your door. And if you have an old and worn-out door, they may not have a very good point to start when making an impression of your property.
In that case, we recommend sprucing up your door by giving it a fresh paint job. Aside from matching your entryway, revamping your door will also boost your home’s overall curb appeal.

6.  Unpleasant odors

We always tell our clients that we’re not only staging for the eyes, but for all the senses. This is why we’re particular with the scent of the home, starting from the entryway up to every internal room.
If you’ve done a paint job or any repairs that left an odor to your home, make sure you air it out well before accepting showing requests. At the same time, consider diffusing a mild scent to set a calming atmosphere inside the house.

Need professional help staging your home’s entryway?

Do you want to make a ‘grand entrance’ on your home but don’t have the time and knowledge to do so? Instead of stressing yourself over the details, you can let our team do the home staging for you!
At HolmeStage, we are a team of interior designers, stagers, and movers who will transform your home into a buyer’s magnet. Be it your entryway or your entire property, you can count on us to give it more market appeal.
The best thing about working with us is you don’t have to do anything. All you have to do is contact us today to get started!
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