How to Rent Furniture for Staging: A Guide for Home Sellers

Stew Broward
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How to Rent Furniture for Staging: A Guide for Home Sellers
Stew Broward
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Do you want your home for sale to look posh without splurging on new furniture? Do you want to get more views on your property listing on a budget? If so, the best solution for you might be home staging furniture for rent.
By renting instead of buying, you can get impressive furniture pieces without having to spend a whole fortune. Also, you’ll have a team to deliver and arrange everything on our property.
If you’re new to renting and staging furniture, we prepared a guide below to help you in choosing the right pieces and how to maximize its appeal in your home. Read on to learn how you can make the most out of your rentals!

What to consider when renting furniture for home staging

As with any home staging rentals, you have to consider a few factors before renting any furniture piece. Here are some of the aspects you should consider before contacting a rental company:

1.  The style of your home

The first thing you have to consider when getting staging rentals is the style and theme of your home. It’s important to match the pieces with your property’s colors and textures to create a cohesive look.

2.  Types of furniture you need

The next thing you have to think about is the type of furniture you need for staging. You can get model home furniture rental, like couches, accent chairs, bed frames, dining tables, and more, depending on which room you want to stage.
If you don’t know how to pick or how to rent furniture that matches your style, you can call us at HolmeStage and our interior designers will help you.

3.  Floor space

One of the most important aspect of rental staging is ensuring that the furniture pieces have the right scale and size. This way, your home’s furniture won’t look cramp nor empty to buyers.
The goal here is always to keep your floor space in mind. Always take measurements and draw everything on paper to visualize how the rentals will look once it’s inside your property.
If you’re new to furniture arrangement, you can always consult with our home stagers to know what kind and size of furniture suits your home. We can also conduct an onsite walk-through and discuss everything you need to know about home staging to enhance the appearance of your home.  

4.  Rental pricing

By now, you’re probably wondering how much does it cost to rent furniture? Every provider has their own pricing, which depends on the piece you’re leasing and for how long you’re going to use the item. Most of the time, furniture rental companies provide custom quotes and discounts for long-term rentals.
If your goal is to maximize the appeal of your home for a few extra bucks, then you should consider luxury furniture rental. Instead of getting the same furniture that your competitor listings already have, you can level up your game with classy pieces that will wow potential buyers.
While it costs a little bit more, luxury furniture stage rentals have an excellent ROI, not to mention that it can help sell your home fast.

5.  Rental duration

You also have to define how long you’re planning to keep the home rental furniture. Usually, rental providers let you rent the pieces until your home is sold.
Meanwhile, there are also providers who offer rent-to-own furniture. This way, you can offer the furniture as part of your home to potential buyers, which can be an added selling point.

6.  Delivery and pick-up

You’d want to rent staging furniture that comes with complete delivery, setup, and pick-up. This way, you won’t have to deal with any heavy work on your own and you’ll also have experts staging the pieces to maximize the appeal of your home.
Here at HolmeStage, you’ll enjoy total convenience with our furniture rentals. We have hand-picked pieces that we will deliver and set up on your property. Also, our interior designers will be there to ensure that the arrangement creates a proper flow in every room.

6 essential staging furniture rental pieces

While you may not need all kinds of furniture to stage your home, you should definitely run through some of the essentials. Depending on the room you’re planning to stage, you may need these crucial pieces:
  • Couch/sofa. If you’re staging your living room, this piece is the ‘MVP’ of all furniture pieces. It will serve as the anchor of your living room and give it a home-like ambiance.
  • Accent chair. Accent chairs help complement other furnishings on your living room. It creates a focal point in the room, but you should be careful with your choice of color.
  • Dining set. Most dining rooms are often adjacent to the kitchen, which is one of the ‘high-impact’ areas of your home that potential buyers often check. In that case, you’d want the complete ensemble to impress by creating a cozy dining setup.
  • TV stand. You should also consider adding a contemporary piece to attract younger buyers. A sleek TV stand and coffee table will help tie up your living room even more.
  • Nightstand/dresser. For bedrooms, a classy nightstand or dresser paired with soft lighting will surely help make a good impression on your property.
  • Accessories. To add a touch of flair, don’t forget to get accessories, such as area rugs, mirrors, and lamps. All these will make the room look bigger and cozier, which will help potential buyers build an emotional connection.

Where to rent furniture for staging

If you need high-quality furniture to stage your home, you simply have to contact us at HolmeStage. We deliver furniture rentals to any property for sale in Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino, and Ventura Counties.
With us, you’ll enjoy full-service luxury furniture rentals at the best price. On top of that, we have interior designers who will help pick the best furniture pieces that suit your property and they will also arrange everything on site.
We also offer flexible furniture leasing terms, so you’ll enjoy top-notch furniture for as long as you need. Whether it’s for a residential or commercial property, we have quality furniture you can rent. We can also provide furniture rentals for special events, such as weddings or corporate gatherings.
To get started on our luxury furniture rental, call us today or reach out through our service page. We’ll provide you with a no-obligation free quote and quick consultation!

Furniture staging tips to maximize your home’s appeal

1.  Group your furniture

The first thing you have to do is group your furniture based on the areas where you plan to place them. This way, you can create a cohesive plan instead of simply pushing pieces around repeatedly, which can damage the floor and walls of your home.

2.  Declutter

In some cases, we’ll suggest removing some furniture pieces that don’t complement with your rentals or staging goals. It’s important to have a clean and spacious room to prevent distractions among buyers.

3.  Opt for neutral colors

When selecting furniture for staging, you should consider neutral colors to appeal to a wider range of buyers. This will create a clean canvas for buyers to visualize their own belongings in your property.
Light earth tones like beige, off-white, gray, brown, cream, and greens are safe options. If you’re unsure what furniture color scheme will work for your home, you can always contact us for a consultation.

4.  Consider traffic flow

Make sure that there’s enough space around the furniture for people to move. You should create clear pathways, so there would be a cohesive flow in every room while preventing it from feeling overcrowded.

5.  Utilize the ‘floating technique’

Furniture doesn’t always have to be pushed against walls. You can also use the ‘floating technique’ where some pieces are in the middle of the room or placed away from the walls.
Overall, this will make your space appear bigger yet intimate while creating a pathway throughout your home.
Still, you should be smart with this technique as it can also sabotage your staging efforts if not done right. If you need help with this technique, our home stagers are just a call away.

6.  Don’t underestimate the final touches

Once you’ve staged all the rented furniture, it’s now time to add the small yet crucial final touches.
For example, you can drape a stylish blanket and a few pillows on the couch to give it a ‘lived-in’ vibe. You can also place a bowl of fresh fruits on the counter or a vase full of freshly cut flowers on the coffee table. If your target market is families, you can place some board games on the living room table to give it a more inviting appeal.

Looking for a one-stop provider of home staging and furniture rental?

Do you need quality furniture rentals but don’t have time to do home staging on your own? In that case, HolmeStage is the one to call!
We are a full-service home staging company that provides all your staging needs to boost the market and curb appeal of your home. All our luxury furniture rentals come with a team of movers, stagers, and interior designers who will do the job for you.
All you have to do is call us and discuss your needs. After that, we’ll do everything for you – from furniture selection to pick-up once your property is sold.
If you want to know more about luxury furniture rentals and home staging services, call us today to talk to our specialist. Let’s show you how we can transform your property!
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