Bedroom Staging in 2024: Transforming Spaces for Modern Living

Stew Broward
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Bedroom Staging in 2024: Transforming Spaces for Modern Living
Stew Broward
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According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the master bedroom is the second most important room for buyers in terms of staging. So if you want your home to sell fast at top dollar, you should level up your bedroom staging game.
In this post, we’ll share some of our stagers’ tried and tested tips in staging a bedroom together with mistakes you should avoid. Keep reading to see what you can do – or has been doing wrong on your home this whole time!

What staged bedrooms can do for your home selling

A home stager can make a huge impact on your selling process. Aside from making your bedroom look visually appealing, they also provide the following advantages:
  • Help buyers visualize their own belongings. A staged bedroom give potential buyers visual cues on how their things will fit inside the room. For example, staging will let them see if their king bed will suit the room or if there’s enough space for their décor. The easier it is for buyers to see themselves in the room, the better it would be for your home selling.
  • Maximize the potential of the space. Nothing kills a home listing than an empty room. Home staging a bedroom makes the room functional, reducing any turn-offs for potential buyers.
  • Increase perceived value. A properly staged bedroom will add another valuable piece to your home for sale. It will make potential buyers feel like your home is more attractive and they might be willing to pay more to secure the property.
  • Attract more listing views. Professional photos of staged bedrooms can boost your old listings and attract new showing requests.

8 staging Ideas for bedrooms

Beyond tidying and decluttering, modern bedroom staging requires more to attract potential buyers on a tight market. So when it comes to our home staging services, our team swears by these basics to ensure that your bedroom with stand out:

1.  Depersonalize the bedroom

If you’re staging an occupied home, the first thing you have to do is depersonalize the room. This means you have to remove any personal items like family pictures, private documents, religious items, or any object with personal significance.
This way, potential buyers can see the bedroom as their own, allowing them to visualize their own belongings in the space.

2.  Style the bed

When staging a bedroom, the bed is the star of the show. First, you have to choose the ideal bed placement away from the door.
Next, you also have to make the bed look cozy with clean and crips linens. You should also add some pillows, but don’t go over the top with the beddings.
As for the headboard, you’d want to keep it simple. However, if the room lacks a focal point, you can opt for an attractive headboard with neutral colors.

3.  Make the bedroom feel spacious

One of the most effective bedroom staging ideas we recommend is using optical illusion to make your bedroom look spacious. This is very helpful for small homes that could be harder to sell to buyers.
First, you should install decorative mirrors to bounce light all over the room. Also, let natural light in during showings to create a breathable and spacious feel to buyers.
On top of that, make sure that the bedroom furniture has the right scale. Rooms with higher ceilings and larger floor space would look better with an equally huge bed. Meanwhile, if you have a limited space, a bed frame with visible legs can help make the place look airy and less cramped.

4.  Mind the furniture arrangement

In line with our previous suggestion, you should also be mindful of the furniture arrangement as much as its size and design.
First, remove excess furniture in the bedroom like extra chairs or an oversized closet. After that, you should reposition the remaining furniture to make the space look spacious and coherent at the same time.
If this sounds like too much work for you, our home stagers are here to help. We will guide on everything you need to know about home staging and do all the heavy work – all you have to do is watch as we transform your bedroom.

5.  Choose neutral colors

One of the long-standing bedroom 2024 trends are neutral colors. Your goal should be to make your bedroom appeal to a wide range of buyers by giving them a clean slate instead of bold colors they may not like.
In that case, you should stick to neutral shades like gray, beige, brown, dark green, navy, white, cream, and the likes.
If you’re unsure of the color palette that matches your bedroom, you can contact us for a home staging consultation. Our interior designers can do a walk-through onsite and provide recommendations on how you can improve your bedroom’s appearance.

6.  Use cozy lighting

Great lighting can make even the smallest bedroom shine during showings or open houses. When we stage bedrooms, we always aim to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere without being too dark.
For this, we suggest that you use multiple lamps around the room. Avoid using fluorescent lamps that flood the room with too much light, not to mention that it will also highlight any imperfections in this area of your home.
If the bedroom has a nice window and view, you can capitalize on it by drawing the curtains and letting the natural light in.

7.  Add a nightstand

Is it even a bedroom without a nightstand? Simplicity is the key when it comes to staging this piece of furniture. It should have ample space and accessible storage.
Also, you can add a scented candle, a lamp, and a small plant beside it. Just avoid adding too many small items that make the top cluttered.
If you don’t have an attractive nightstand, we can rent one to you. We offer luxury furniture rentals for all pieces you need for your bedroom, be it a single nightstand or an entire furniture package.

8.  Stage the closet

Lastly, you should declutter your closet and stage it as well. Part of how to stage a bedroom is to ensure that the complementing items are also in ‘showroom’ condition.
Make sure the wardrobe matches the season and neatly organized. And if your closet is already outdated, you may want to rent a temporary replacement to match your staging efforts.

Mistakes to avoid when staging a bedroom

Now that we’ve given you some home staging tips, let’s also share some of the ‘don’ts’ we tell our clients. These mistakes can defeat your staging efforts, so make sure you avoid them:

1.  Indulging in vignettes

Many of our clients love eye-catching vignettes. To be fair, they do look great and adds an eye-catching touch to large living rooms. But that’s exactly where it belongs: the living room, not your bedroom.
If you’re selling a home with average-sized or small bedrooms, you wouldn’t any of the clutter to cramp the space. Keeping it simple most often do the trick for most buyers.

2.  Leaving walls bare

Blank walls are uninspiring and unappealing, so make sure you avoid this when staging a bedroom. You can maximize the vertical space by hanging stylish mirrors to create a spacious vibe or wall art that ties up with the entire room.
Still, don’t over-decorate your walls either. Creating a focal point is enough to keep the home-like atmosphere to potential buyers.

3.  Forgetting about the odors

If you’ve recently painted or replaced the wallpapers, make sur you air out the bedroom enough to eliminate any foul odors. At the same time, you should clean the room thoroughly to eliminate any bad smell that may put off potential buyers.
Here’s a trick we use: stage for all senses. Aside from the improved visual appeal, you should also consider diffusing mild scents like lavender or vanilla to set the tone of the room. Still, proceed cautiously as not all buyers may like the scent.

4.  Neglecting temperature control

Imagine a potential buyer walking into your staged yet sweltering bedroom. It’s not the best way to make good impression, isn’t it?
In that case, make sure there’s a fan, air conditioner, or heater running at the bedroom before you start the showing. This way, you can make the space as comfy as possible for prospective buyers.

Need help with your bedroom staging?

Regardless if it’s just a single bedorom, staging it is not an easy task. If you don’t have the time, knowledge, or resources to spruce up your bedrooms before showings or open houses, you can call us at HolmeStage!
We provide whole house staging if you need a complete solution for your property listing. But if you only wish to stage a single bedroom, we also offer partial home staging for your convenience. With us, you’re free to choose which part of your home you want us to stage and to what extent.
When you trust us with staging, you don’t have to worry about anything else. Our team can provide furniture rentals, minor repairs, painting, wallpaper replacement, design consultation, and more to maximize your property’s market appeal.
At HolmeStage, we are your one-stop and full-service home staging provider in Los Angeles and the Greater LA area. Contact us today to get started!
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